Pegacat Software

Pegacat Software is a specialist Identity and Security consulting group. We are experts in directory technology and applied cryptography, working with clients on user directories, access control, staff provisioning and PKI (public key infrastructure), and have been providing architecture and development services in this area since 1995.

Our engagements have included major educational, government, defense and aerospace organisations on all aspects of identity systems from minor troubleshooting to major organisational change. Our recent work has included designing and building identity connectors for a leading cloud provider, an extensive re-design of the Victorian Government's Identity systems, and the launch of our 'JXWorkBench' LDAP Enterprise administration product.

Community Work

Pegacat Software has been a proud supporter of open source software since its inception, and we are the maintainer and primary contributer for the popular JXplorer LDAP client. JXplorer has been downloaded over 2 million times; it is the most popular open source LDAP client in the world, and has been translated into six languages.


Pegacat is led by three experienced Identity experts:

Dr Christopher Betts is a senior software architect and developer, with extensive experience at all levels of Enterprise software architecture, design and program management. He has authored a large number of patents, both directly for pegacat and during his work with previous organisations.

Tim Bentley is a senior software architect with a wide experience of Enterprise identity and security technology. He has been the principle designer of a number of large web access control projects, and has authored patents in directories and security.

Scott Thomson is a senior software architect, program manager and business strategist. He has managed large technology programs in the identity and security space, and has set the digital and new media strategies for companies ranging from start ups to market incumbents.


Please contact Dr Christopher Betts for further information or to discuss your project.