Pegacat Directors

The directors of Pegacat have a wealth of experience in all aspects of Identity and Security, from Enterprise Architecture and the creation of IT standards, through to software development and production support. We have been involved in IT since the birth of the internet, and bring a wealth of pragmatic experience to our projects.

Dr Christopher Betts

Chris is a highly qualified Senior Architect with over 15 years commercial experience in the Enterprise and Security computing fields. He has successfully designed, implemented and delivered numerous complex projects, and has both managed development teams and co-ordinated Identity transformation programs.

He is a regular speaker at conferences and trade shows and has a strong research background with a BSc(hons), a BEng(hons), a Phd and various academic prizes, however he is now working exclusively in the commercial areas of identity, security and directories. He has authored a portfolio of patents, both directly for pegacat and during his work with previous organisations, in the areas of directory and web technology.

He is responsible for the NetMynd social platform, the JXWorkBench LDAP project, and is the principle author and maintainer of the open sourceJXplorer LDAP client. CV is available online

Tim Bentley

Tim is a senior software architect with a long history of Enterprise identity and security technology design and development. He has been the principle designer of a number of security products marketed in the web security space, and has been either management or design lead for several large web access control projects.

He has authored patents in the directories and security space, and has presented at leading technology conferences.

Scott Thomson

Scott has experience as a CTO, a senior architect, a development manager and a technology evangelist. He combines solid leadership skills backed up by years of hands-on, low level technical expertise. He has significant experience in directory and security technology, and was responsible for a number of ground breaking PKI and Enterprise Security products.

Enterprise Security (Identity, Access and Threat Management) Content Management & Geographical Information Systems Rich Internet Applications & ASP Hosted Solutions Online and Mobile Advertising Solutions

More recently he has been concentrating on Content Management & Geographical Information Systems, Rich Internet Applications & ASP Hosted Solutions and Online and Mobile Advertising Solutions. He has worked with digital and new media, being involved in both architecture and business strategy for companies ranging from start ups to market incumbents. His specialist skills in security, privacy and data management combine neatly with his digital media expertise to provide solid, secure strategies and solutions for internet facing organisations.


Please contact Dr Christopher Betts for further information or to discuss your project.