Project Portfolio

Pegacat Software and its directors have been involved in a wide range of projects from Search Engines and Educational Software to Public Key Infrastructure systems and Content Management. We have worked globally on projects for Space Agencies and the Nuclear Industry, Governments and Universities, Cloud Providers and Open Source projects, and many other organisations.

Recent Commercial Work

The following is a selection of recent projects:

Software Products

Pegacat has produced a number of software products in the Identity and Security space, concentrating on social collaboration and directory technology.

Open Source and Community Projects

Pegacat supports open source software and we maintain the popular JXplorer LDAP client. JXplorer is a full featured LDAP directory administration tool with strong cryptography options and is used widely by Fortune 500 companies. It has been downloaded over 2 million timesit is the most popular open source LDAP client in the world, and has even been translated into six languages.

Additionally we have sponsored a number of educational and scientific websites:


Please contact Dr Christopher Betts for further information or to discuss your project.